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April Wilson and Laura Riley

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3 months ago

Your interpretation of the book is spot on!!!

Maureen Pretorius
Maureen Pretorius
2 months ago

Great review!

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x


**Spoiler Alert**


Will was born into money. He has never needed for anything but…. he is in need of a good woman. One that he can trust with all his heart. One that will see him for himself and not his bank account, the only thing is, he himself is not aware of it yet… Will life throw him that unexpected little curveball?


Skye leaves her mom in the US and is on her way to the UK to intern at a company her father works at… Carmichael and Son… It’s only for a year and then she will be back home with her mom. Her mother warns her not to get caught up in anything and to only do what she went there to do... Work and gain experience. If only she knew…


Will’s girlfriend Rachel leaves him speechless. Will he recover from such a blow? Will his father blame him? He needs a new PA, but his father decides to take charge. He will now employee Will’s next PA for him… What will the old man come up with? Will, against his better judgment goes on a drinking binge for the weekend. He is so not in the mood to be at work but life must go on. Rachel really did a number on him.


Waiting in HR, Skye is a little nervous. What will her new boss be like? Tall, handsome and roughish looking… “You’re late” is not what she was expecting… This is a misunderstanding never to be forgotten. They always say “Things happen for a reason”.


Will is stunned! She is gorgeous, sweet and so not what he thought his father would pick for him… Get the tissues ready ladies… I laughed hysterically through this chapter. Connor is exactly was he needed. We all need a Connor in our office for sure. There will never be a dull moment.


Kennedy is Skye’s new roommate and Kennedy is the type of friend you want on your side. Just enough sass and a lot of spunk! Never mess with her or she will have your balls… LOL…


This is the first book written but April Wilson and Laura Riley and I LOVED it! There is SO much more story to read. Living in the UK and reading about the different places that were visited, I cannot wait to experience what they did.


The characters were very well thought through and they have their own duel P.O.V. The storyline will captivate you. You will laugh, you will cry, you will even want to ring a few necks in the process. I won’t mention names because you will need to find out for yourself. This book was very well written. You both did very well ladies! Cannot wait for Connor and Kenney’s story next