Kahlen Aymes

SMUT University

Kahlen Aymes

SMUT University

“SMUT University” Part 1…

**Spoiler Alerts**

Jaxon Michaels is a Professor of Creative Writing at Columbia University and his class is about to begin… Hold onto your seats ladies… this is going to be one hell of a class…

Addison Tomms is majoring in Creative Writing at Columbia but wonders if she will be able to get anything done in class. All she can hear is… Professor this… Professor that… He is apparently so hot and woman flock to his class just to get a taste of him… I mean his “class”. They find it difficult to contain themselves around him… They were all to right…

Jaxon starts off…. Welcome to the Art of Sex…. In writing…. He wonders if there are actually anyone intelligent enough to make it through this semester… One student catches his eye but he has to focus on what lies ahead. Get everyone to interact! He issues out their first assignment and that is to write a basic SMUT scene of 500 words… in addition to create a sample scene of dirty sex… a total of 2500 words no less…

Can Addy rise to the occasion… HELL YES!!! And then some…  The scene is seductive… the scene is was not what he expected from a student on her first assignment… this is going to be interesting… He wants her… NO… he needs her… will she be his student in and out of class?

Excellent character and word build up. I love that there is a duel P.O.V. We get to experience the lust and the tension from both characters. The story is sassy and hot. A must read. I cannot wait for Part two… What will “HIS” lessons reveal? Great job again Kahlen Aymes! You rock!!!

“SMUT University” Part 2…

**Spoiler Alerts**

His True North….. Wow when I thought part one was hot…. part two had me hyperventilating…. Hot..Hot…HOT!!!

Jax has to have her… he is consumed with just thoughts of her. She takes his breath away and not just because she is beautiful on the inside, but because she has a beautiful and intelligent mind. She is witty and she inspires him.

Addy does not trust herself around Jax. She is in way to deep and she fears her heart will break but like a junkie, she needs her next fix and Jax is her own personal drug.

Their love making is hot and the desire they have for each other is off the charts. Their fire will burn you alive.

Gloria is Jax’s agent and when he introduces Addy to her as a potential new author, all of my alarms go off. This woman will be up to no good. I don’t trust her but what is a good book without a villain? Addy can hold her own and I know that with Jax behind her….she will kick anyone’s ass. Love the character build up.

Part two will make you beg for more… I need more. Great job Kahlen on yet another great book. Cannot wait for Part three.

“SMUT University” Part 3…

**Spoiler Alert**

When book 2 in this series was done, I couldn’t wait for book 3 now I need book 4…. like my next breath!!! Jax finds out that Luke has requested the help of Addison and he is not happy. Is it jealousy? I think so!

Addison swears she won’t keep another secret from him again but then she is faced with the uncertainty of her own book and is offered an temporary alternative. This will not sit well with Jax. Should she tell him?

Jax is pressured into finishing 5 chapters of his manuscript before Christmas so he is forced to take a month off to get this done but without the distraction of Addison. Not being able to see her is going to be hard but the love they share will have too tide him over until Christmas.

Addy is forced to take Luke with her when she goes to Gloria’s office but what she thinks and discovers are two totally different things. Her heart is shattered and will the broken pieces ever be able to be put back together? Will love conquer all…. will the truth be revealed before lives are destroyed?

This book will keep you at the edge of your seat. Its intense… the love is real…. the deceit is unbearable…. the heartbreak is crippling….
Awesome book Kahlen! Cannot wait for more!
5 stars

“SMUT University” Part 4…

**Spoiler Alert**

Having writers block, Jax decides to go to his cabin in Tennessee to complete his book but he is consumed with thoughts of Addison… Is she not missing him? He has sent her text after text and called her numerous times but she just does not respond… why? He has to find out…. Luke is the one to put him out of his misery but if anything it has just made things so much worse… How could she think that of him? Why not trust him? He would never hurt her like that….

Addison has been in tears for days. She cannot eat, she cannot sleep…. Thoughts of Jax and what he did to her has crushed her dreams of happiness. She thought they had something real… How wrong she was… or so she thought.

Gloria is a vindictive bi*ch… O my word… when I got this part in the book and read how she betrayed not only Jax but Addison too… I was ready to commit murder. There is SOOOO much story to read.

The betrayal, the lies, the heartbreak… it’s all real. You feel the pain, the tears roll and your heart breaks for these 2 amazing people. How could 1 person cause so much destruction? Will they overcome this? Will the lies take over and break them up for ever? A MUST READ!!!

This story was written with so much passion. The characters come alive… Their pain becomes your pain. You feel their loss, their passion…. their everything!

Loved this book. So sad to see it end.

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