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**Spoiler Alert**
Clara has been offered a job... a new beginning... she is leaving her past behind her. Her son is all that matters. His father doesn’t deserve them. He is a worthless, flabbbergasting, piece of inconsistency....
Brody had his life ripped apart when his wife passed away leaving him with two beautiful little girls but he can’t keep an eye on them and do his work on the ranch so his mother hires him a nanny only he didn’t think much about it until she arrives.
Clara needs to fight the attraction but he is proving to be everything she needed and more. She has never experienced this level of care before. Can she trust it or will it end and force her to leave once again?
Brody will stop at nothing to make her his. She is the missing piece of the puzzle if only she can trust him. He is nothing like “Dick" and he will prove it to her. She and her son deserve happiness.
This was such a beautiful story with all the feels. The characters will make you laugh... their past hurts will make you cry and their passion and unconditional love for each other will make you embrace letting go of what you can’t control.