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Maureen Pretorius
Maureen Pretorius
2 months ago

Loved this series. Great reviews !

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x


The second book brought so many tears to my eyes. I cried uncontrollably and felt like my own heart was breaking. I cried ugly tears and dared not wear mascara. The beauty of their love for one another was so heartfelt. Their love is something that only we can dream of. The lucky few that experience it... well I am in awe of those.


The third book... well if I thought I cried in book 2... that had nothing on this book. OMG!!! What they go through in this book is nothing short of a miracle. It’s all consuming and pulls you in like a moth to a flame. I struggled getting up for work because I couldn’t put it down. Therefore not getting enough sleep. Make sure you read this when you don’t need to work the next day! You will laugh without a doubt especially with Aaron (Ryan’s brother) and his girlfriend Jenna. They are so hilarious. Witty and sassy!



The last and final book has to be recognised as the beginning of their forever.... so beautiful. The trial and tribulations and the sacrifices that were made, had me tied up in knots. Once again tears were free falling. The romance, the twists and turns were so beautiful. Please take the time to read these books without interruptions.


Kahlen Aymes has yet again written from the heart and given her readers a true love story. The style of writing is breathtakingly stunning. The poems... the references... the picture painted about Paris.. I felt like I was seeing it with my own eyes. I loved that there was a duel P.O.V and that all the characters had their own personality. It was funny, sassy, heart-breaking, frustrating and so so beautiful. Thank you Kahlen! Never stop writing!