I am a working mother of four amazing children and although I have a full time job, I also love reading “Contemporary Adult Fiction” at the end of my busy day. What better way to relax? 

Growing up I never enjoyed reading and I believe this was because I had a terrible stutter. I was shy and embarrassed by it so when it came to reading in class, I would cringe. However now a days, I can’t seem to put a book down.

My love for “Contemporary Adult Fiction” started with Fifty Shades of Grey and after reading this series I started on Gabriel’s Inferno then I was stuck as to what to read next. I never knew books like this excited. #Truestory…. Where does one even begin? I then logged into my Twitter account and came across an Author by the name of Shelby Kent-Stewart, who had just started out promoting her first book called “Surviving Sydney”

After reading her book I was hooked and reached out to Shelby to let her to let her know what her book had meant to me. We quickly became friends and have been close ever since.

I wrote a review but how does one word a review by not giving too much away? I decided to go with the flow and just wrote what I thought a reader would be looking for in a review. I then went on the search for more Contemporary Adult Fiction books to read and my world opened up to a lot more. I found authors all over the world. Samantha Christy, April Wilson, Kahlen Aymes, Janice Whiteaker, Jacob Chance, Brittney Sahin and so many more.

I realised that writing reviews were a great way to help promote those authors as well as their books so I decided to start a webpage in order to share my thoughts on the books I have read with my friends and then perhaps inspire them to read the book themselves.

I believe reviews provide the reader with that social proof. A reader can pop onto my webpage, read the review I have posted and decide from there if it is worth the read because book reviews give books greater visibility and a greater chance of getting found by more readers.

Promoting Authors has never been easier!